At Cocoplum Style, we bring your dream interiors to life. Based in vibrant Sydney, Australia, our founder Ozge Fettahlioglu leads our passion-driven team.

Explore our world of design excellence. From breathtaking interiors to bespoke furniture creations, we're your partners in crafting spaces that inspire.

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At Cocoplum Style, we stand by an unwavering truth backed by proven research:

Elevate your surroundings, elevate your future.’ Extensive studies have shown that our environment profoundly impacts our mood and performance. By curating spaces that inspire, we empower you to dream bigger, achieve more, and live your best life. Welcome to a world where design transforms not just spaces but destinies.


We offer a comprehensive array of interior design services that span from dreams to reality. Whether you’re embarking on a residential project or curating a boutique-style commercial space, we provide holistic solutions that bring your vision to life. Working in seamless harmony with architects and builders, we ensure a tailored approach to every finish and decor element. The result? A space that’s both functional and breathtaking, adorned with custom pieces designed exclusively for you.


Our dedicated team is your unwavering guide, accompanying you from initial concept to final flourish. While our heart is in Sydney, our design journey knows no boundaries. With projects that stretch across Australia and beyond, our eclectic and ever-evolving approach draws inspiration from the world around us, transforming your aspirations into a tangible reality using our virtual design services.


At Cocoplum Style, we redefine the art of home staging and styling. We recognise that today’s homebuyers are savvier than ever, discerning every detail. That’s why we steer clear of the ordinary and avoid using mass-market products you’d find at your local store. Instead, we employ unique styles and materials, applying design principles that evoke a sense of genuine warmth and luxury. We understand that staging a property isn’t about hiding flaws; it’s about enhancing the inherent beauty. Our approach often resonates so deeply with our clients that they choose to purchase the entire furnishings, recognising that it not only elevates their property’s appeal but also increases their chances of a successful sale. Our touch isn’t limited to real estate; we bring this same flair to styling Airbnb spaces, ensuring your property stands out in a crowded market.


At Cocoplum Style, we’re not just your interior design partner; we are your interior design soulmate. With services ranging from intimate face-to-face consultations to expansive e-design solutions, we cater to your every preference. Through our global arm, Boxareno, we source materials and inspiration from overseas, enriching our design palette and offering you the best of both worlds.


And introducing Cocoplum™, our trademarked homewares brand that brings you a curated collection of high-quality, custom-designed interior products. Our specially chosen and trademarked Cocoplum items ensure your space is graced with pieces as extraordinary as you are. We’ve made shopping for these exclusive products a breeze on the Amazon platform, where you can experience the unique touch of Cocoplum in the comfort of your home.


But at Cocoplum, we don’t just stop at products; we’re here to empower you to become a design connoisseur. Beyond admiring a design, we want you to understand why you love it and what resonates with you. Our ever-evolving approach, influenced by the global tapestry of design, is here to breathe life into your vision.


Join our vibrant community on Instagram at @cocoplumstyle, where you’ll find daily inspiration and insights into the world of interior design. Remember, when it comes to renovating your home, there’s no one better suited for the job than you. We’re here to help you discover your unique design journey.