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Discover Your Home's Wellness Score

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1. Clutter Management

2 / 8

2. Functionality for Wellness

3 / 8

3. Safety & Air Quality

4 / 8

4. Kitchen Wellness

5 / 8

5. Colour Palette Harmony

6 / 8

6. Material Wellness

7 / 8

7. Joyful Comfort

8 / 8

8. Comfortable Accessibility

Your score is


24%-32% : Optimal Wellness Alignment
17%-23% : Thriving Sanctuary
9%-16% : Wellness in Progress
8% or less: Emerging Wellness


Wellness Quotient Score Descriptions:


Emerging Wellness (8 % or less):
Your space has potential as a wellness sanctuary. Small, impactful changes like introducing more natural elements and improving organisation can significantly enhance your environment. Explore our resources for more tailored advice.


Wellness in Progress (9-16 %):
You're on the path to a wellness-centric home. Focusing on enhancing air quality, accessibility, and integrating wellness-focused functionalities can elevate your space further. Join our community for specialised tips and guidance.


Thriving Sanctuary (17-23 %):
Your home is a haven of wellness. To elevate it further, focus on deepening your connection to nature through material choices, refining your colour palette, and maintaining a clutter-free environment. Let's continue to enhance your sanctuary together.


Optimal Wellness Alignment (24-32 %):
Congratulations! Your home exemplifies wellness-focused living. Maintain this harmonious balance by exploring innovative wellness trends and ensuring your space adapts to your evolving needs. Stay inspired with our latest insights and innovations.