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BORONIA PARK: Need a decent bathroom!

Only a small wall will be knocked down and rebuild so makes sense to start there.

All asbestos was removed previously. I started talking to professional bathroom designers but honestly was not satisfied with what they came up with. Their profit margin was way too high. When I broke down the cost of products they suggested, labor cost and design cost, I have realised that the products were not as expensive as they suggested, and design was around reducing the labor cost. Below is what majority of the companies suggested as layout. There was a useless corridor, a second door to the next room???  and a large linen cabinet in front of the door. I knew I had to extend the bathroom and use the corridor area and have a built in cabinet for kids school bags, daily shoes, and mail and receipts (I hate when paper ends up on dining table)

I decided to project manage and design myself. First step was carpenter. Carpenter was the only trade person that I did not have any referral from friends. He turned out amazing but was very lack of imagination. Probably, this was a good thing. He would probably charge me more if he knew what I was trying to achieve ?When he saw the bathroom after I finished, his eyes were shining and couldn’t stop telling his friend “she wanted this and now I see why” ? The main issue was the niche. There were beams. I wanted the niche to have very clean lines and go from one wall to another, he prepared a normal size niche. We met halfway through by adding some hardwood and aligning the niche with window. This was my wow factor in the bathroom and didn’t want to give up on my design.

All tiles are from #KalafranaCeramics and tiles. When you look at all marble bathrooms from Pinterest, you will see some look looks great and some feels wrong. I also saw a few Houzz posts people asking why the marble does not look as the sample they saw. Marble tiles’ designs should have as many variety as normally how marble is in nature. When I checked the marble tiles from fa few shops, in average they had 8 frames (frames number of design varieties ), the tile I bought had 30 fames.

All products arrived as soon as the tiling was done. Renovation process goes smoothly when you work with good trades people. Everyone worked hard and finished the work in a month. I finally had one nice area in the house. Put the candles on, salts in the bath, dim the lights, meditation music and you won’t even remember the jungle backyard, mission brown kitchen and balconies without fences.

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