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Me and my husband purchased our first “family home” four years ago after selling our Newtown Victorian Terrace house. Life in Newtown was fantastic! Me and my husband only, in a new country, starting a life together.

Newtown felt like our home country in terms of lifestyle. We loved living there. After starting to plan for the second child, we realised that Newtown streets did not have enough space for a double pram. We moved to more family-friendly suburbs; first Lane Cove and then to Hunters Hill. Renovated and sold our Newtown home and purchased our first family home at Boronia Park. Renovations took three years as we did majority of the work by ourselves. “Hard” is the word I will use to explain this renovation but believe me, I am sugar-coating. Previous owners left so much rubbish. It took us a year to only clean the house – I still have 8 tyres under the house they left. House was neglected but had strong bones, and everything had to be renewed. Raising two kids, working longer than full time, and renovating every weekend for three years while living in the house was HARD!


Covid 19 turned out to be a positive experience for me. I have recently finished my home renovation and quarantined at home. Both me and my husband were very tired, and quarantine has been the best thing for us. I had a chance to enjoy the little coffee corner I created, touch the soil in my new veggie garden,  baked many scones in my new kitchen with kids, gazed at every little Instagram like the section I created proudly and thought “I wish everyone felt this way right now”. I would like to pour this hard-earned renovation knowledge (Believe me it was one of a kind!) to the world and help everyone when they need it. I have learned many new skills from YouTube such as gyprock, concrete work, tiling, design etc. After getting some rest, it now feels like time to return the favour to the world.


I have recently opened my YouTube Channel, Website, Instagram, and Pinterest. I am planning to cover a house renovation finished at Newtown, recently finished home renovation at Boronia Park and a recent purchase at the Pearl Beach.


Named my social media channels “Coco Plum”. Why? All my friends complain about my social media usage. I am barely there. Social media involvement is a steep learning curve for me, and I am good at putting myself in this kind of uncomfortable situations where I need to push my limits. I want these channels to be successful after putting myself out there. Companies that are named after a fruit achieves great results ?

Let’s test it and hopefully not end up like Orange.