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After staying in the house for 10 days we started feeling pain when we touched the kitchen benchtop. It was weird. My husband decided to check the voltage on the benchtop using a multimeter? I know sounds crazy. But he was right, It was 200 volt!!! Maybe the dishwasher was the cause of the problem? We removed the dishwasher and realized the cover of the dishwasher was removed. It was fully open, so any leak from the benchtop can cause this problem, that makes more sense now….it is a commonsense solution! If you buy a dishwasher taller than your benchtop, what would you do?


Of course, remove the cover of the dishwasher and push it in. But this was not the reason, there a bigger electrical problem. Cables were too old and crumbling and short circuit when it rained. We can all die from 200-volt, kitchen is number one 1 n the priority list. All wiring will change anyway but was hoping to have some time to save money first.


Upstairs balconies did not have fences. Save the children! Block them all.

Pool did not have fence as well. My kids are great swimmers since they were 2 years old but you can never trust a child. I don’t think fences save kids (actually I read somewhere that there has been no improvement in child deaths in water since these laws were introduced), parent supervision saves kids. You cannot drink alcohol, try to multitask or blink when kids are around water.

There is a pretty large pond right in front of the backyard door. It is cute but dangerous for younger kids. It is surrounded by jungle and hard to see the actual size of it. There is a rotten wood bridge on it to cross to the other side of the backyard. Very tempting for kids and very hazardous.

Granny flay in the backyard was also about to collapse, there were broken pieces of asbestos walls so another no no zone.


We started cleaning up from the front yard as we were embarrassed what neighbours would think about us. There were plants, rocks, wires, some small “stuff” and pots everywhere. Soil was so high for some reason. We decided to flatten the front yard until we organise tree cutting.  The more we cleaned the more stuff we found under the soil. Here is what we found when we cleaned the front yard ONLY.

Time to start cleaning the attic. This should be easier…No it wasn’t. So many hidden treasures found in the dark/unseen parts of the attic. Beds, couches, blinds, doors, chairs, benches, BBQ….

OK, at least we know what we need to get rid of in the granny flat. I am really tired of living with rubbish everywhere. Cleaning took a year. Living with rubbish kills your sprit to do anything.

Cleaning took a year. Living with rubbish kills your sprit to do anything.

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