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My little family resort: Boronia Park- Make a decision

$0 budget… Everything from walls to electrical to kitchen …. EVERYTHING has to change. Idea is to work hard, save money, renovate section by section in my family resort.

We were in a rental in Hunters Hill during our property search. I did not even unpack many boxes and I was sure that it will take only a few months to find the right home. Then, I was pumped with reno desire after the last house sales success and  It took us a year.

I saw an ad and I knew this was it! It was again the lush green in the backyard I fell in love with. 4 bedrooms, large block of land close to the city centre, on the high side of the street, close to coffee but not too close,  solid double brick house, definitely the ugliest house on the street. It was prestigious to live in Hunters Hill as Cate Blanchett was selling her Hunters Hill property at that time and it was all in the news. One side of this property’s street was in Gladesville borders and the other side was in Hunters Hill borders. Is this a big deal? Himm? I can buy a street name or a family home (family resort)?

First open day in the family resort

First open day was like a dream for me. I went in and knew exactly what had to be done. I had the image of what we have today on that day! The only problem was when I was walking in, everyone was walking out, laughing out loud. I remember two builders going to the real estate and saying, “are you kidding me?” Yes, there were trees that we had to cut, everything had to change but does it really matter how rundown and old everything is? They will all change anyway. (it does matter if you are planning to live in it during the renovations) We know it will be a costly renovation, we will work hard, save and finish section by section for our family resort.

I went home and started looking Pinterest with my reno maniac mum, started the design already…  I don’t think there was anyone else interested in this property. We bought it. I cannot believe we bought it!!!! Now that I think about it, we could easily buy it for at least 100K less as owners had to move out, no one else was interested. Real Estate knew our budget exactly from other properties we checked and used this against us while we were negotiating at the pub! Both me and my husband panicked, and our expressions did all the talking. There was no going back to the price we wanted to buy it for. Hard to negotiate when you want something so bad….

Inner Circle mother group

I celebrated my 40th at #WoolwichPierHotel with so many friends and my “Inner circle”. “Inner Circle” is a bunch of girls and I hang out with from my mothers group. When I talk about my “Inner Circle”, people think a joke is on the way. A Turkish, an Australian, an Ecuadorian, a British, a Greek and a South African ….The reason why we call ourselves “Inner Circle ” is because there is no bi%$&@ing  in this circle. It is just a bunch of girls helping, supporting each other. Everyone went through ups and downs in their lives, we know someone will be there for us when we call. LOVE YOU GIRLS!!! I knew so little at that party how often I will need my girlfriends. Next day was the settlement day for new family resort.

Settlement Day

Settlement day was a little disappointing. Previous landlords left so much stuff for us to clean. We were renting and had to move out. Extending the settlement day was not an option. Previous landlords were an older couple, they did not have any kids. Being an immigrant and feeling guilty for leaving my parents alone overseas, it was a split-second decision to ask for skip bins only. They agreed to pay for 2 large size skip bins and we were free labours for a month. Lesson learned in a hard way. We weren’t given access for the last inspection earlier than the settlement day. Makes sense….

Only a few examples of what was left for us :

I have started cleaning with my mum, my dad and my husband started painting and filling the skip bin. After the initial 2 skip bins, we ended up hiring 6 more.

Cleaning the kitchen…first bucket, second, and third bucket…..


This is how my son sees our new house. He is a sweetheart…Now I have white walls! I can start planning. Everything needs an update but where to start when living in it?

  1. Clean and empty the house, front yard, backyard, attic and granny flat
  2. Remove all Asbestos (Tested everywhere for asbestos. Lucky that some areas that looked like asbestos were horsetail. Unlucky that the granny flat is double layer asbestos, well as the front of the house and bathroom)?
  3. Blueboard the house and gyprock bathroom, knock down the granny flat as it is about the collapse.
  4. Cut the trees (there are 21 trees breaking the roof}
  5. Need a decent bathroom so I can clean. Only a small wall will be knocked down and rebuild so makes sense to start there.
  6. Finish two rooms at the entrance to have some space to start the big renovation.
  7. Move upstairs and renovate downstairs At the same time replant backyard as it takes time for plants to grow.
  8. Renovate backyard
  9. Move downstairs and renovate upstairs

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