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BORONIA PARK: Remove all asbestos

Tested everywhere for asbestos. Lucky that some areas that looked like asbestos were horsetail. Unlucky that the front of the house and bathroom had asbestos and the granny flat had  double layer asbestos means X 2 cost) I am so scared of asbestos, so we went away for a week during the professional asbestos removal. Always work with professionals for asbestos removal and make sure you get the certificates at the end of the job. When we came back we had blueboard instead. Nice…

Blueboard the house and gyprock bathroom, knock down the granny flat as it is about the collapse.

Here I am doing the gyprock for the bathroom. It is easy but not the right job for you if you cannot be precise and patient.

The granny flat was about to collapse. It was time to remove it after all the asbestos walls were gone. We got some quotations for knocking it down and cleaning, cheapest was $7000. My genius husband decided to put the building on #Ebay for #1, just to try. It was sold next day for $1 to a builder who would like to extend his house. He came with 8 of his mates, got all the hardwood from the structure and skipbinned the rest.

Granny flat before:

Granny flat after Asbestos removal:
The Granny flat GONE:

Yes, granny flat is finally gone but we ended up with a toilet in the middle of the backyard ? When you go through a big renovation, your biggest learning is to learn to live with things you previously would think you can never live with. Instead of calling the plumber and paying $500,we lived with it for 3 months and paid nearly nothing when we were renovating the bathrooms. Try to make fun of it if you do not want to lose your insanity. Toilet was the focal point of the backyard for 3 months. Kids decorated the toilet with flowers and beads. And you can imagine the jokes around it especially when their friends were around.  

I can see the future!!!!

One clever thing I have done at this stage was to start planting. I planted bamboos to block the neighbor around this time, when granny flat was gone. Pat pat to me at the back! Established plants are so expensive (it is also a cost we usually forget to add to the overall renovation cost.) Bamboos grew so nicely while we were renovating and now, I cannot even imagine how naked the backyard would look without them. Many people asked why I didn’t continue the bamboos all the way till the end to block the neighbor’s window. Simply, not enough space for the bamboos to grow. As you can see the bamboos close to the pool had less soil and did not grow as much and this is after feeding them with worm juice every week! Palm trees roots wouldn’t let bamboos to grow there. I also did not want more leaves in the pool. I am still thinking of a way to block those windows. Maybe a large art peace?

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