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BORONIA PARK: Start the big renovation

I needed some rooms to be ready before I started the big renovation. You might think what can go wrong while renovating a room. Here are a few surprises (not good ones)

This is now my son’s room. Unfortunately, I do not have proper photos. It was overwhelming that time and I didn’t even think of taking proper photos. Behind these boxes, there was wood wall cladding. It was not even properly attached so removed it easily. It was funny to see that the window was actually a corner window that continues to the other wall. Previous owners cover the outside wall with brick when they extended the house but did not bother to gyprock the window. We actually had a huge open wall we had no idea.

This is after I patched the wall with gyprock. It also took me so long time to remove these wall papers. I am not sure what kind of glue was used but none of the Bunnings solutions worked. I have tried chemicals, tools they suggested, steamer worked best but it was a very slow process. I think each rook took me a month to finish the walls.I honestly should just pay an expert instead.  
This was in my daughter’s room. This painting came up when I removed the wall paper ?

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